Diversity Integration Services









“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

               -Lao Tzu

Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity (SEED 101)

The SEED (Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity) Project is a multifaceted diversity training program that helps participants reflect on their own and others’ experiences while also exploring current theory on topics such as race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, privilege, systems of oppression, etc.  These 2.5 hour long monthly seminars are designed to help participants create, develop and implement strategies that foster respect for all people. SEED 101 strengthens relational trust, interdependence, and a collectiveness between stakeholders of the organization.    

SEED Plus 

SEED Plus is a hyper-elevated level of SEED 101. In this training, participants will delve deeper and unpack systems of oppression and explore the intersection of those systems with their personal identities. Together, we will focus on topics of race and racism, gender, and socioeconomics. SEED Plus is designed for organizations that would find deep, meaningful, and production conversations about difficult topics to be helpful in moving their organization further. This diversity training consists of  2.5 hour long monthly seminars and is designed to help participants design, develop and implement strategies that position them to be social justice advocates. SEED Plus strengthens relational trust, interdependence, and a collectiveness between stakeholders of the organization.

DEI Book Club & Study

Facilitated book discussion where participants are led through a series of reflection exercises and assigned tasks to demonstrate new learning and insight from text. Meeting frequency will depend on clients’ availability; however, quarterly meetings are recommended.

Diversity Committee Formation and Support

The mission of the Diversity Committee is to foster an environment of inclusion in which differences are acknowledged, celebrated, and welcomed. This committee strives to create an inclusive community that brings awareness to and deepens understandings of identities such as race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economics, learning differences, able-bodiedness, religion, national origin, etc. The work of the committee will focus on assessing and addressing the diversity-related needs of the community and sponsoring events and learning opportunities that allow all constituents to feel supported, secure, validated, and important. The committee will advise and provide counsel to the CEO (and other senior leadership) on issues of equity and the implementation of the strategic goals. Diversity Committee meetings are open to the entire institutional community. 

Reimaging Hiring & Retention Tool Kit

In order to recruit and retain diverse candidates, the organization must ensure that their hiring and retention processes support such efforts.  This tool kit includes a multi-step process in which SSI consultants support the development of a hiring team within the organization; evaluate current hiring protocols; make recommendations for the organization; train the team on interviewinging; establish a hiring schedule; and guide the organization in developing intentional practices to yield stronger retention of staff of color.

Professional Development/Learning Seminars

Managing Implicit Bias – creating a new lens to impact decision making and strategic planning.  This workshop unpacks the research that suggests that we all make initial judgments about each other within fractions of seconds of meeting someone new  (or in reading ethnic names), which typically affects how we see that individual. We will review case studies and learn about anecdotal responses from people of color within the educational and organizational systems in various positions (students, faculty, and staff).  We will also study typical cultural norms that can sometimes: 1. distract hiring teams from bringing on qualified candidates of color; and 2.  create an environment where labeling certain individuals as “not a good fit”  is normalized in practice for their community. Working in groups, participants will build a new toolbox and vocabulary to increase their cultural awareness and responsiveness to members of their community of diverse backgrounds.  

  • Politics of Location- Finding our personal and professional diversity narratives.  This workshop is the foundation for learning how to establish positive relationships with others.  Participants will begin to unpack events from their personal lives that influence the way they think, their beliefs, and values.  Participants will then use these self-discoveries to understand other’s perspective and walk and draw commonalities between themselves and others.   
  • Values and Beliefs- Exploring, aligning, and publishing our values and beliefs as a community.  This workshop provides tools for organizational leaders to either establish or strengthen their organization’s culture and climate.   
  • Critical Multicultural Pedagogy – This seminar is specifically designed for teachers, administrators, and curriculum coordinators to explore and evaluate their current curriculum and pedagogical approach to multicultural education.  Participants will revise their current curriculum and develop a multicultural scope and sequence for intentional multicultural planning and execution across all programs and subjects.  
  • Portrait of a Community Member – planning with the end in mind, participants will begin to craft an illustration of the ideal community member, based on characteristics and values that are important to the institution. Together, all constituents will draw conclusions about how they and their departments might contribute to the development of an environment that can act as an incubator for such an individual. Using the methods of design thinking, participants will create a collective roadmap to how the organization might construct programming that will positively impact all community members and build a more inclusive community. 


DAT - Diversity Advocacy Team Formation and Support

“DAT” comprises a small, diverse group of faculty, staff, and administration who are committed to organizing and implementing institutional transformation for the benefit of all members of the community. Members act as advisors in supporting the CEO (and other senior leadership) in meeting diversity initiatives and providing the framework needed to reach planned goals. Essentially, DAT is a staff led task-force that influences institutional change within the organization’s cultural and operational systems.


Have full access to Single Story, Inc. consultants to help organizations talk through and manage diversity issues, explore new diversity initiative ideas, or just get updates on the latest trends in equity and inclusion work. With phone and email access to our consultants, you will always feel like you have a team of diversity practitioners at your disposal to problem solve critical situations that impact your community.  Consulting is available for administration, staff/teachers, therapist, and board members on the diversity committee.   

Racial Affinity Group Formation and Support

Racial affinity group programming creates an environment where faculty and staff of color can find a safe community to foster solidarity around their experiences within an institution. It allows participants to focus on building intragroup understanding, address their apprehensions about working with another racial/ethnic group, and articulate their needs and why they feel compelled to engage in intergroup work. Racial affinity groups can rejuvenate faculty and staff in a meaningful way that promotes a productive and collaborative spirit around building community amongst all constituents in an organization. Quarterly meetings are recommended.

Customized Workshops

Learning seminars – Throughout the development of our relationship with the organization, we design workshops that cater to the needs of the community.  These customized workshops can be designed for any group of stakeholders within the community, such as students, faculty, staff, board members, etc. 

Additional Services
  • Curriculum and organizational policy audits
  • Team retreats (board members, leadership teams, staff, etc.)
  • Provision of on-site part-time diversity coordinators
  • Leadership and staff mentoring and coaching
  • Organizational “Diversity Coffees” Assistance – Prospective Faculty, Staff/Employees, and Administrators of Color

Why Single Story, Inc.?

  • Allow your organization to join the ranks of the most progressive and inclusive institutions in your city and region
  • Develop meaningful diversity initiatives and strategic plans that will transform your organization
  • Create space for your community to feel supported and authentic
  • Empower your community by offering engagement in anti-racist programming
  • Develop a culturally competent community
  • Increase your organization’s marketability with highly regarded, racially diverse candidates
  • Increase your organization’s marketability amongst families and clientele that have a strong interest and appreciation for diverse and inclusive organizations
  • Forge local and global relationships across racial, ethnic and socioeconomic barriers, charged with a common goal of social justice and equity for all constituents -The Reciprocity Project™