Director of Teaching and Learning, North Park Elementary School

Working with Single Story Inc. and Brian, in particular, has been transformational for the NPES faculty. The full faculty workshops and SEED seminars have allowed us to dig deeply and profoundly into issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our own community, as well as the broader world, in incredibly meaningful ways. Brian is the perfect facilitator to lead educators on this journey as he brings heart, a vast amount of knowledge and expertise, vulnerability, humor, and passion to his work. We are so grateful for the partnership with Single Story Inc.

Head of School, North Park Elementary School

I needed to feel comfortable taking a very true and honest look at myself as a school leader and a person, related to my own personal biases related to race and equity, and I believe my staff felt similarly, in beginning our SEED work with you. Single Story asked us questions, reserved judgement, provided us with historical perspective, and challenged us to think about what we want, as a community. We are moving forward with a deeper investigation into fairness, balance and equity. It’s a journey. I am truly grateful for your caring guidance in leading us to where we are today and what we aspire to come, as a deeply loving, connected and empathic community.

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Greater Good Studio

Brian and Kellie are amazing! They conducted an assessment of our studio’s culture as it relates to multiculturalism, inclusion and diversity, and delivered a targeted set of recommendations (with quotes and data to back them up). We’ve been working to implement the recommendations ever since. Single Story set us on a great course in terms of being intentional about inclusion. Plus, they are simply the loveliest people you could ever meet!

Former Head of School, Ogden International School of Chicago

I’ve worked with Single Story, Inc. at two schools, public and private. Their insights, knowledge, and patience helped me grow as a professional and as a person. They helped transform institutions that serve thousands of people, changing and improving the trajectories of our lives and our communities.

Assistant Principal, Skinner North Classical School

Single Story has a unique way of pushing the envelope around your thinking on how you approach race and equity throughout your organization. Brian and Kellie are genuine and intentional about their work. I always look forward to the sessions. They constantly provide things that I can add to my toolbox.

Special Education Teacher, Pulaski International School of Chicago

SEED as facilitated by Brian Corley of Single Story, Inc., has been incredibly valuable to me, personally, and to our Pulaski community. Teachers who have interrogated their biases and have practiced having difficult conversations about race and racism are able to model, instruct, challenge, and support students in having these conversations. Teachers who have done this work are able to engage with the very important questions students have about our society and support their inquiry in a way that generates compassion and understanding. SEED participants are able to see the ways in which our classroom practices, norms, curricula, and books are shaped within systemic racism, and with this understanding we can begin to break down and build more just approaches. Our children need and deserve to have teachers who are prepared.

Principal, Pulaski International School of Chicago

We all have the utmost respect and admiration for the work Brian is doing. Brian and his wife Kellie have been amazing partners on this journey. To say it was transformative would be an understatement. SEED became a space where we worked to deeply understand gender, identity, class, racism, and anti-racism. We did this in a community that listened, shared and learned how to support each other. We were all on this mission together, we cried, we laughed, we sat in silence. The Pulaski SEED teachers/staff even started an optional summer anti-racism staff book club to develop their anti-racist practices as educators and to discuss systemic racism in our country, bias, and how to become better allies. The leadership team initiated a race and equity school-wide planning task force that will focus on researching, planning and teaching anti-racist curricula this will include staff development and workshops for parents and students. The work has just begun, there is a positive momentum that we built within SEED and we look forward to a longstanding partnership with SIngle Story Inc. to continue to learn, grow and be a part of change.

Teacher - Pulaski International School of Chicago

“Seed has been a way for me to process injustices I have endured not only throughout my life, but since my return to Pulaski. It has given me the strength to speak up for injustices here at Pulaski and reminded me that I am not responsible for enlightening the white community around me. I have taken that burden off my shoulders.”

Principal, Skinner North Classical School

Single Story, Inc. has been so impactful for our school community. Their support in helping us understand our context, think about the role of implicit bias and learning more about multicultural pedagogy is helping create a stronger, more inclusive learning environment for our students. Their guidance has helped positively change our practice and community.