About Us

Single Story, Inc.’s mission is twofold:

Helping organizations create interculturally empowering and engaging communities through customized programming and strategic planning for building and retaining culturally diverse constituencies; and

Equipping individuals and organizations to achieve their authentic identities through diversity integration across the institution.

Our purpose is simple:

to help organizations create windows and mirrors reflective of all constituents, allowing them to feel supported, secure, validated, and valued.

What We Do

At Single Story, Inc. we believe that the mark of a great organization can be found in the diversity of its employees – diversity of identity, thought, and experiences.

Diversity not only involves how people perceive themselves but also how they perceive others. These perceptions affect their interactions.  For organizations with a wide range of employees to function at high levels of efficacy, leadership must effectively address issues of communication, adaptability, and change.

Education and workforces will experience a significant increase in diversity in the coming years.

Successful organizations recognize the need for immediate action to sustain positive productivity and high functioning teams.

They are ready and willing to spend resources on managing diversity in the workplace now. Although the diversity of an organization is a great indicator of its success and impact in a community, the inclusion of those diverse members within the organization may prove to be even more paramount.

Helping organizations become more inclusive is our passion.

And it is this unique skill-set that separates us from others in this work. It is not enough to simply increase an organization’s diversity numbers – we have to meet the challenge of helping all to feel welcome, important, safe, secure and included.   It is with this challenge in mind that Single Story, Inc. designs its programming to assist organizations in fostering an inclusive work environment using five stages of diversity development.

Our team.

Brian Corley

Founder, CEO, National SEED Facilitator, and DEI Director

Dr. Kellie Corley, Ed.D

Co-Owner, CFOO, DEI Curriculum Specialist, Facilitator

John Paul “JP” Arellano


Lauren Collins


Christine Saxman

White Ally Specialist, National SEED Facilitator

Kimberly Phillips Solomon


Sarah Miller

White Antiracist Facilitator