Why DEI Work Matters

It is no secret that in 2020 the topic of racial discrimination has sparked a global response. As the world experiences widespread protests, witnesses murder on social media, and navigates political tensions from a major election, business organizations must decide if they want to take a stand for justice. However, taking a stand against discrimination is more than email blasts and social media posts. DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) encompasses the work that groups must do in order to foster inclusion and equity across all members of their organization.

“Demographics are shifting.  New ideas, skills, and approaches to tough problems are needed for companies and schools to remain relevant and to reach targeted communities,” says Brian Corley, CEO of Single Story, Inc. But how do organizations make “anti-racism” more than just a buzzword?  Furthermore, how can they truly create a culture that values diversity where all members feel supported? 

In a study conducted by McKinsey & Company in partnership with The Society for Human Research Management, they found that companies who have more gender diversity outperform less diverse groups by 15%, and those who exhibit more ethnic diversity outperform less diverse groups by 35%. They also found that organizations with more diversity are 158% more likely to understand their target customer. 

DEI programs are essential to building happy and engaged teams. When organizations have a greater focus on diversity, employees are proven to experience increased job satisfaction and higher levels of trust with their leadership. However, there are even more benefits to developing a DEI strategic plan for your business or school. 

Recruitment & Hiring: Most frequently, biases can present themselves during the hiring process. Working with a diversity consultancy can help uncover these biases and open up your organization to new talent.

Enhanced Ideas & Information: Diverse representation naturally will stem more ideas due to multiple perspectives. With more ideas on the table, organizations have a greater opportunity to reach business goals. 

Navigating Conflict and Establishing Trust: The work that your team does to prioritize DEI efforts can be displayed when navigating difficult situations. With more members of your team aware of unconscious bias, they can more easily appreciate the experiences of others and find resolutions. 

Corley says, “Too often, organizations try to piecemeal programming and DEI efforts together in hopes to create a more inclusive environment.  At Single Story, Inc. we believe that this work takes a strategic and thoughtful plan constructed by those in leadership with the input of different constituencies to produce outcomes that are truly inclusive, equitable, and effective and grounded in trust.”

While there is no silver bullet for defeating racism – when schools and businesses make an effort to prioritize diversity, they are showing their staff that they are valued, seen, and respected. With proven data to support the benefits of a DEI strategy within organizations, what are you waiting for? Our dedicated team of consultants at Single Story, Inc., are ready to help put a plan in place that will support all members of your community. Contact us today!